About Us

Rocking only authentic JDM wheels since 1993

With only a handful of reputable and reliable online JDM wheel shops in existence at the time, SKIDMARKS WHEEL AND TIRE was officially created in 2008. Since then the mission has not changed... to bring you only the rarest and most sought after JDM wheels and wheel accessories. Though thousands of wheels have come through our shop, our focus is still and will always be on quality over quantity. We work tirelessly to get the wheels you'll never even see in other shops and pass them onto vintage Japanese racing wheel collectors, the connoisseurs.*

*The second hand wheels and accessories we source and sell may be upwards of 30 years old. Therefore, all wheels and wheel accessories for sale on this web site are for off road use only, or for collection purposes only. They are sold as-is with no express or implied warranties.