Frequently Asked Questions


What are caps, coins, badges, chips, plates, rings, collars, centers, faces, barrels, lips, inners, outers, bolts, rim screws?
Depending on where you reside, these parts have different names. Skidmarks uses these general references:
  • BARREL - A complete piece consisting of a welded inner rim and outer rim
  • OUTER - Outer rim half, also referred to as LIP
  • INNER - Inner rim half
  • CENTER - The face of the wheel that bolts (or is welded) to the barrel, also referred to as the FACE
  • COLLAR - Threaded portion of the wheel center (or a separate threaded piece) that a center cap is attached to
  • PLATE - Trim ring that typically covers lug holes, also referred to as RING
  • COIN - Round identifier piece that attaches to the center cap, also referred to as BADGE or CHIP
  • CENTER CAP - Main piece that attaches to the wheel's center either by threads or interference fit
  • BOLT - Hardware to assemble multi-piece wheels, also referred to as RIM SCREW

Can you find wheels/center caps for me?
Please email us for more information.

Will these wheels fit my car?
Wheel fitment depends on many variables. In addition to wheel size, bolt pattern, and offset, factors such as ride height, camber settings, tire size, and fender modification determine if a particular wheel will fit your car. Do your homework! Don't buy wheels until you know they'll fit (or you know you can make them fit)! We recommend searching for pictures of your same vehicle with known wheel/tire/suspension specs to use as a visual guide. Also, try out our Offset Calculator.

Do you offer wheel repair/refinishing or custom work?
Not at this time.

What should I torque my wheel bolts to?
Please refer to our Torque Tables. We recommend you re-torque all bolts after driving about 100 miles or so.

NOTE: Please use our Torque Tables as a baseline guide only, making adjustments where necessary for your particular application. We DO NOT recommend reusing old bolts. Though using old, original bolts is commonplace in wheel refinishing, please be aware that torquing old and stretched bolts to the specs listed in the table can cause them to break.

Can you make or find stickers for my wheels?
We cannot "make" nor can we "find" fake decals for your wheels. All of the decals we carry are AUTHENTIC.

Can you find bolts for my wheels?
All of the bolts we offer at this time are currently listed in our shop and are sold in complete sets only.

Which valve stems will fit my wheels?
You must measure the valve stem hole on your wheels to determine which size you will need. We normally carry the two most common sizes for our wheels. All of the valve stems we offer at this time are currently listed in our shop.

What are my wheels worth?
Click here to find out.

Will this damaged wheel hold air?
The wheels listed on this site undergo a professional visual inspection only. No balancing equipment is used nor are tires installed on the wheels. All used wheels are sold as-is and are not subject to any expressed guarantee. They are for off road use only.


Is this set of wheels in stock?
Everything that is available for purchase on our web site is in stock and ready to ship. We stock all of our products and do not drop ship whatsoever.

Do you have anything else in stock that's not listed for sale online?

Will you buy my wheels?

Will you take my wheels in trade?

Will you hold a set of wheels for me?
We do not accept deposits and will not hold any wheels for any reason. Wheel purchases are always on a first come, first served basis.

Do you offer layaway plans?

Will you break a wheel set and sell me one or a pair of wheels?

Will you sell me the center caps from a set of wheels?

Why haven't I received a reply to my email?
If you haven't received a reply to an email or contact form submission, your question probably falls into one of these categories:
  • If you asked if we carry or can find a product that is not on the web site, we are currently trying to source your items and will notify you as soon as they are stateside. If you have not received a reply, that simply means we have not been able to source your requested items as of yet.
  • If you asked a fitment question that can be easily answered with a web search, your message was most likely ignored. This allows us more time to answer the more pertinent, higher priority questions we receive. This also applies to subjective questions such as "Which wheels will look good on my car?" or "How much are my wheels worth?" as well as any questions that have been answered above.